Square One Derby Party

There haven’t been many opportunities in the past two years to get all dressed up and head out to a party. Which is why we couldn’t wait to get our hats on for this year’s Square One Derby party in the beautiful Armory building at MGM! Races, drinks, awards, and laughs made for a feel-good atmosphere that only blossomed as the evening went on. Square One offers family-friendly education programs and support services to families and children in Western Mass, and it was a joy to see them honoring their staff and community sponsors. 

The crowd was especially generous to us at our Feel Good Shop Local display table, where we got to spread the word about our new platform, the importance of shopping locally, and how amazing our sellers are. Promoting our small businesses is always a perk of being at these events and seeing faces light up when they see an item they’d like to purchase, and find out there’s a local small business that sells it, never gets old! We cannot wait to bring you all the local goods we’ve found, straight to your door from

A special thanks to Square One for letting us be a part of their celebration, and thank you to every wonderful person who came over to share ideas and enthusiasm. We look forward to many more collaborations with local organizations. Hats off to Square One for all the great work you do! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our next event appearance!